About Me



Jeremie Amoroso

I’ve lived in the United States on visas since 2006. I’m originally from Trinidad & Tobago. It’s likely that you clicked around on my site and figured out what it is about:

  1. Moving to the USA from abroad
  2. Being an international student anywhere in the world

We’ll talk more about these over time. Here’s more about me and how Not Yet American came about.

I graduated from the University of the South in 2010 with a degree in economics. It is better known as Sewanee, and even as Hogwarts if you’re a Harry Potter fan. I never visited Sewanee before attending. And I had a fantastic time.

A terrible US economy in 2010 pushed me straight to graduate school at the College of William & Mary. And I didn’t visit it either. After graduating, I pursued jobs that met one of two criteria: learning new skills or making a difference. Now, I consult for the World Bank Group striving to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity by 2030.

I started Not Yet American to create a community… a community for anyone who moved recently to study, work, or live in a country that isn’t their birthplace. In short, anyone who is living in a country on a visa, primarily in the USA. I’ve advised many students and job candidates who fit in these categories. And I noticed many common challenges and concerns.

If you are like me – and most of the foreign nationals and students I advise – you’re terrified of what comes next when you move to the US. Whether it’s finding an internship, a job, or simply adjusting in your first year, it’s exciting and scary. You don’t know what to expect. So, if you hate feeling helpless, there are a few ways to take action. Follow the site on Instagram, “like” the Facebook page, or email me at jeremie [at] notyetamerican [dot] com

Your life in a different country could be a long journey or a short one. Let’s work together for however long it may last.

With thanks,